Handicap Spotlight: Preferred Lies (Winter Rules) and Score Posting; 'NH' showing at GHIN or Club

Preferred Lies (Winter Rules) and Score Posting

Scores made when a Local Rule for Preferred Lies (Winter Rules) is in effect must be posted for handicap purposes unless the Committee (preferably the Handicap Committee in consultation with the Committee in charge of the course) determines that course conditions are so poor that such scores are not acceptable and should not be posted. If the Committee decides to suspend score posting due to poor course conditions, it should notify all players playing the course that scores should not be posted. Individual players playing the course do not independently decide whether scores are acceptable because of the conditions. If an individual decides to apply some form of the Preferred Lies/Winter Rules Local Rule, and the Committee has not invoked such a rule, the player’s score is acceptable and must be posted for handicap purposes.


‘NH’ showing at GHIN or Club

It is not uncommon for an individual’s handicap to show as NH at GHIN or the club, especially at this time of year. There are two reasons why this can happen. The first is that the individual does not have the five scores minimum in their record to have a USGA Handicap Index. The second and most common reason is that the member has been added to or reactivated at a club between handicap updates. If the second reason applies to you and you need a USGA Handicap Index to play in an event, please contact John Saegner at