Score Posting Responsibilities

It is the responsibility of each golfer to post all acceptable scores as soon as practicable. The preferred posting method is through a handicap computer located at the club where the round was played but you may also post the round via the Internet, the GHIN Mobile App or the WSGA website.

If you play in a competition and the Committee in charge of the competition informs the players that the Committee will post the scores it is still the individual player’s responsibility to make sure that the score is posted. There are times when both the Committee and the player post the score, which results in the player having two scores posted for that round. To remove duplicate scores or modify a score please contact your club’s Handicap Chairperson.

Preferred Lies (“Winter Rules”)

Have you ever played a course using Preferred Lies (“Winter Rules”), but did not know exactly what that meant? Well, the WSGA recommends a policy that conforms to USGA guidelines. To review Preferred Lies options that conform to the Rules of Golf, please click here.