WSGA Parent-Child Championship

Championship Links:

Craig and Cody Roth of Bellingham, Wash. combined to shoot 5-under-par 66 to win the 10th Washington State Parent-Child Championship, held today at the par-71 Yakima Country Club. This is the third title in this championship for the Roths, having also won in 2012 and 2016.

All smiles for Cody (left) and Craig Roth after winning their third Parent-Child Championship.

“He hit it really well today,” said Cody, pointing at his dad, Craig. “He didn’t miss a drive, and also hit it close on a lot of holes.”

Craig’s response was that Cody putted well. “He always does. So I drive it down there, he puts it close. We’re just having fun, and this is such a great opportunity to play with my son, and that makes me happy. I guess I’m getting sentimental.”

The Roths birdied three of the last five holes to pull away from the field, winning by three shots over the teams of Cameron and John Hulbert, and Brad and Mark Donahue, who tied for second at 2-under par.

With the alternating shots in the Chapman format, the Roths used it to their advantage. “Right now our games are very similar,” Craig said. “We both hit it about the same distance, but that’s going to change soon, with me getting older and him getting stronger.”

Cody will be a senior at Western Washington University, playing on the men’s golf team.

The 18-hole championship was played in a Chapman stroke play format, with two players playing as partners, each playing from the teeing ground and each player playing his or her partner’s ball for the second shot. After the second shot, including par-3 holes, partners select the ball with which they wish to score and then played that ball alternately to complete the hole.

The parent’s relationship with the child must be natural, adopted or stepchild. Partners could have more than one generation between them (i.e. grandfather-granddaughter).

Established in 1916, Yakima Country Club is located three miles east of downtown Yakima in Terrace Heights. It overlooks the Yakima Valley, offering astounding views from the clubhouse and several amenities including championship golf, two golf practice facilities, state of the art tennis, pool, and first class dining. The par-72 championship 18-hole golf course showcases exceptional rolling greens ranging in size from 2,000 to 5,000-square feet, and the fairways are surrounded by apple orchards, ponds and century-old trees.