Executive Committee and Officers

Doug Rohner


Tacoma Country & Golf Club

Paul Ramsdell


Fircrest Golf Club

Gary Rees

Vice President, District 1

Wing Point Golf
& Country Club

Cathy Kay

Vice President, District 2

Greater Seattle
Women's Golf Association

Ray Monroe

Vice President, District 3

Three Rivers Golf Course

John Schroeder

Vice President, District 4

Kalispel Golf
& Country Club

Robert Black

Vice President, District 5

Meadow Springs
Country Club

Steve Kay


Riverbend Golf Club

Tom Brandes

Glendale Country Club

Barb Tracy

Immediate Past President

Bear Creek Country Club

Troy Andrew

Executive Director

Board Members

Bill Bergsten

Tacoma Country
& Golf Club

Durel Billy

Atlantic Pacific
National Golf Club

Kevin Chang

Big & Little Dudes Golf Club

Ben Grinspan

Boeing Employees'
Golf Association

Tom Johnson

Inglewood Golf Club

George Jonson

Broadmoor Golf Club

Mike Kemppainen

The Home Course

Bill Meyer

Glendale Country Club

Mike Montgomery

PGA Professional
at Glendale Country Club

Ron Nelson

Fairwood Golf
& Country Club

Jane Sossamon

Fairwood Golf
& Country Club

Amy Walker

Fircrest Golf Club