Club of the Year

The Washington Golf Club of the Year Award was established in 2019. The award recognizes the membership of a Washington Golf Member Club for outstanding contributions to its community, the game of golf or the Association.

2023 Recipient

Bellevue Women’s 9-Hole Golf Club

The Bellevue Women’s 9-Hole Golf Club has been named the 2023 Washington Golf Club of the Year. The club goes by the acronym “BW9HGC” and plays at the Bellevue Golf Course with weekly competitions and monthly tournaments in a net-based format and handicap divisions.

The club’s organization and community impact are what set them apart as Club of the Year in 2023. BW9HGC implements their “Big Sister” program, which helps to welcome newer members to the club by pairing them with a veteran member to help bring those new members under their wing and make them feel comfortable with etiquette, pace of play, rules, and the club’s sign-up and participation processes.

In recent years, the club has made significant efforts to improve their organization and processes with new forms of technology. These efforts have given the membership a better experience and greatly increased the club’s participation. The club is using a new web-based platform for members to use to book their tee times. They’ve kicked paperwork and checks to the curb by moving their membership sign-ups to WA Golf’s online join-and-renew platform. They have a new website ( that hosts all the information about the club and its activities. And they even developed an app to help calculate their year-long eclectic scores for each player participating.

The club prides itself on their ability to positively impact their community and members. Each June is the club’s “Donation Month” where over the past two years they have raised over $5,000 for First Tee. With a strong governance model and a path of succession for leadership roles, BW9HGC has been able to share the load of this high level of activity and organization. Roles like “Sunshine Chair” for spreading positivity and awards like “Sportswoman of the Year” to recognize individual efforts and camaraderie, the BW9HGC is going above and beyond to create a fun and welcoming environment for their members.

We are so happy to have the Bellevue Women’s 9-Hole Golf Club as a WA Golf Member Club, and we are thankful for their efforts in creating a positive, friendly, and welcoming community for their members to enjoy. Congratulations!

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