Supporting our Member Clubs

Healthy member clubs are essential to the growth of the game. To that end WA Golf provides many services to support our member clubs and enhance the individual golfer experience.


Being the Handicap Chairperson at your club is an important role—thank you for stepping up! With your efforts, the handicap system is properly administered and creates a fair and equitable golfing experience for all. We hope you find our Handicap System Resource Guide a valuable tool while administering the USGA Handicap System. Additionally you can access more handicapping information in the USGA Handicapping System Manual.

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Tournament Management Software

Member clubs receive access to the cloud-based USGA Tournament Management software powered by Golf Genius to help handle your events, tournaments and leagues and comes loaded with a variety of tournament formats to choose from. The service is available anywhere there’s internet access. Training tools and expert customer service from Golf Genius as well as our staff is available. The base level program is free to member clubs or your club can opt for a premium package.

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Course Rating and Course Measurement Services

Washington Golf provides course measuring and rating services to member and non-member clubs on a periodic basis. WA Golf strives to rate each member course every 6-7 years. New clubs (those that have been in existence for less than ten years) or clubs that have undergone a renovation will be rated on a more frequent basis. Non-member clubs must be rated every ten years. This is a complimentary service to our member clubs. For non-member courses, there is a fee of $1500 per nine holes plus expenses. More information can be found here.

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Online Member Registration

Don’t want the hassle and paperwork of signing up your members year after year? Sign up for online registration through WA Golf. Provide us with your club information and we’ll provide you with a link for your member sign up page. You’ll receive email notifications each time someone registers. At the end of the month you’ll receive a check from us and your current roster. Easy! Additionally your club will be listed on our join now page to pick up potential new members.

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Club Representative Program

Club Representatives serve as a liaison between WA Golf and their club—a vital communication link—relaying important information about the association and the USGA to their members. Vise-versa, club reps keep us informed about the goings-on at the club-level and of any concerns we should be addressing. We’re here to serve you!

Club Representatives receive monthly e-newletters and attend an annual meeting.

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Multi-Member Rebate

If you are a Washington Golf member at more than one WA Golf club and were issued the same GHIN number at each club, you can receive a $10 rebate for each membership beyond your first membership.

Simply fill out the form and submit by October 15th of the current year.

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