2021 Volunteer Schedules:

2021 Volunteer Registration:

2021 Volunteer Uniform Order Forms:

COVID-19 Championship Volunteer Policies

Washington Golf (WA Golf) cares deeply about the health, safety and well-being of our players, spectators, staff, volunteers, as well as everyone at our host facilities. The intent of the policies and guidelines is to minimize potential exposure to COVID-19 by utilizing publicly available guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), but WA Golf cannot guarantee a risk-free environment. Everyone is responsible to do their part by following these guidelines to make our championships as safe as possible. The policies and procedures may be updated and/or modified at any time.

2021 Rules Official Program:

Includes requirements for being a WA Golf/PNGA Rules Official, information on how to become a Rules Official, our Rules Workshop tuition reimbursement program and how to apply for Rules Official status.

2021 Championship Volunteer Reimbursement and Appreciation Program:

Includes details and information on the 2021 WA Golf/PNGA Championship Volunteer Reimbursement and Appreciation Program.