Become a Youth on Course Partner with WA Golf

Established in 2006, Youth on Course is a national non-profit organization dedicated to opening doors, supporting dreams and transforming the lives of young people through opportunities on and off the course, including subsidized golf to make the game more appealing, inclusive and accessible to nurture the next generation of lovers of the game. Youth on Course members may play rounds of golf for $5 or less at more than 1,400 participating courses across 40 states and Canada.

In 2015, WA Golf took the initiative to establish and fully fund the Youth on Course program in its territory of Washington and Northern Idaho. Since then, WA Golf has seen remarkable growth, boasting a membership of over 10,000 youths enrolled in the program. Additionally, the organization has proudly subsidized over $500,000 worth of golf rounds for youth across our region.

In addition to helping the next generation of golfers play more rounds for less cost, the participating WA Golf Youth on Course courses are able to fill their unused rounds by designating tee times that are more difficult to fill for kids. The courses gained revenue from rounds, in part through WA Golf and the Washington Golf Foundation subsidies, and those course operators reported that at least 60% of the time, a parent or guardian joined the junior golfer and paid full price for their round.

The courses also gained revenue through food and beverage purchases from the WA Golf Youth on Course members and their parents. Finally, the courses gained greater brand awareness through the local WA Golf network directory, promotions, and support along with nationwide Youth on Course network and while developing a young, loyal future customer base.

As WA Golf works to broaden the reach of Youth on Course across the Evergreen State and Northern Idaho, it is looking for WA Golf Facilities to join the Youth on Course network and help support young people in their communities. Participating courses have complete control over what tee times will be available for WA Golf Youth on Course members and typically include restrictions such as Twilight Only, Weekdays Only, any time after 12 p.m., etc. Participating courses receive a check each month of successful round submissions in the easy-to-use Youth on Course portal.

If you’re a decision-maker at a WA Golf Facility and would like more information on how to become an official WA Golf Youth on Course partner and fill unused tee times, drive revenue to your course and welcome in new and loyal customers – all without sacrificing your bottom line – please click here or send an email to Matt Brown [email protected] – Director of Development & Donor Relations.