A Cocktail Made For Golf: Beacon Launches Intriguing New Beverage

Beacon Beverages has launched a line of functional cocktails, specifically created for golfers who want to enjoy a refreshing alcoholic beverage but still maintain focus and control on the golf course.

It’s the first alcoholic beverage that contains Hovenia dulcis fruit, a plant that has been used in Asia for over 600 years for its well-studied benefits, including relieving hangovers, protecting the liver, and improving how the body metabolizes alcohol.

Beacon was founded by Ajay Narain, an avid golfer and fan of drinking on the course. He noticed that the more he and his friends drank, the worse they played. He became obsessed with finding a way to let golfers do both – enjoy the fun buzz from the alcohol and still have enough coordination to play well.

“There’s a distinct feeling that you maintain control of your coordination when drinking these beverages,” Narain says. “We really did a deep-dive in trying to design something that would be satisfying and thirst-quenching, but would also minimize the effects of the alcohol so that the golfer can still hit the shot and sink putt.”

The formulation of Beacon took nearly two years and involved scientists including Dr. Vikram Shenoy, a medicinal chemist from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. “There are nearly 1,800 published papers on Hovenia dulcis,” Dr. Shenoy said. “The studies demonstrating how this fruit protects the brain and liver while consuming alcohol are impressive.”

Narain added, “There was always a choice when drinking – have fun or play your favorite sport at a competitive level. Finally, there’s a great tasting alcoholic beverage that lets you do both.”

As a serial entrepreneur, Narain has been involved with some exciting products and technologies but, he said, “Nothing compares to what our functional cocktails have the potential to do – essentially create a paradigm shift in how people consume alcoholic beverages.”

The product line launches with a variety six-pack containing two flavors: vodka-based Moscow Mule and rum-based Mai Tai. The 12-ounce cans have 6 percent ABV and are lightly carbonated, making them easier to drink and more satisfying. The first six-packs hit golf courses and store shelves in Washington state in late May. For more information or to request your favorite course carry Beacon, email [email protected].