Changing from TPP to TM

As of January 1, 2018 TPP Online and TPP on the club’s computer will not be supported by the USGA or WSGA.

Last year the USGA made the decision to discontinue the support of TPP and transfer to USGA Tournament Management powered by Golf Genius. We feel this past year has been very productive with getting clubs transitioned over and using the new product. Thank you to everyone that was able to attend our training seminars and webinars.

We want to encourage everyone to get setup with the USGA TM program this year and get some practice with it before TPP goes away. To activate your club on USGA TM please contact Kevin Jones or Collin Westwood.

When support ends access to previous tournament data from TPP Online will also end. All tournament data you want saved from TPP Online needs to be exported and backed up before January 1st. TPP Client will still be accessible on your local machines but it would be a good idea to start backing up all data you want to preserve. If you need assistance in this please contact Collin Westwood.

To get started watch our introduction video on our YouTube channel which will walk you through building your first event, click here to watch the video. There is also an extensive knowledge base updated by Golf Genius you can access at anytime through USGA TM but clicking on the orange question mark in the bottom right. This button will also give you the option to contact the handicap department for help with question.