Hartney is new Superintendent at Tahoma Valley

Vince Hartney, the new superintendent at Tahoma Valley Golf Course

There’s a new superintendent at Tahoma Valley Golf Course in Yelm, and he worked his way up the ranks. And by ranks, we mean the military ranks.

Meet Vince Hartney, native Pacific Northwesterner, originally from Sandy, Ore.

Hartney spent 30 years in military service within the Command & Control career field. He launched armed fighters out of Portland and managed the “air picture” for NORAD, all from windowless buildings and aircraft.

Vince retired from the military, but like so many, found sitting at home or just pursuing hobbies wasn’t enough. “I started mowing greens and troubleshooting the irrigation system at Tahoma 2020.”

In March of this year, the opportunity to manage the course and lead the crew was offered to Vince. As the new superintendent he inherited a 6-person crew, four of whom were also military service retirees. The other two were a ski fanatic and a college student.

“Being at work for us is like having a day of quality ‘guy time,’” Hartney says. “I’m the only member of my crew that doesn’t golf, but I do love some healthy greens!”

Hartney is a new member of the WWGCSA, thanks to a referral from Jackie Klein of Walrath Landscape Supply. He looks forward to reaching out to fellow members to learn more tricks of the trade and broaden his scope of “guy time” with people who love greens like he does.