National Hickory Golf Day - May 1, 2016

by SoHG

Well, it’s about time that hickory golf had its own day in the sun. Right?


The annual calendar is fairly well populated with special days set aside for all manner of interests from Star Wars (May 4) to Left Handers Day (Aug. 13) and many more (Middle Child Day?!).

Now comes one for the hickory community – May 1 has been proposed as National Hickory Golf Day. It will share the honor with National Mother Goose Day and National Chocolate Parfait Day among others, but hickory golfers are generous and there is love to go around.

The idea was proposed by SoHG member Durel Billy, who is chairman of the APNational Golf Club in Seattle, Wash.

“We are looking for ways to promote hickory golf and encourage more players to join us,” he said. “This seemed like a good idea that can be shared by local playing groups across the country.”

To learn more about the event, click here or email [email protected].

The APNational, along with the NW Hickory Players, are strong hickory golf proponents in the Northwest and host several outings a year between them.

Billy has reached out to the SoHG, regional hickory golf groups, the Golf Collectors Society, and other golf organizations and spokesmen for support and sponsorship. He is working now to create a dedicated website for the event. Until then, interested parties are directed to a page on the APNational website that is set aside for NHGD.

The idea, says Billy, is that regional playing groups can celebrate the day in whatever way they like. “They can host golf outings, hickory golf demos, trade shows… there are a host of things they can do. It’s all up to what they want. The point is we all celebrate our favorite sport and promote it on this particular day.”

The SoHG, for its part, is all about supporting hickory golf. A dedicated day to promote the sport is a perfect fit. “It’s a natural development in the growth of the sport and we are happy to offer our support,” said SoHG President Dave Brown.

Individuals who are unable to participate in a larger way, or get to a demo or golf outing, can still participate, says Billy. “If all you can do on that day is add a post on social media supporting the day, that’s something, too. Or get out and play hickories on your own and post a “selfie” to social media in support of hickory golf.”

Spread the word through local media, social media, and your golfing community. For goodness sake, go out and play some hickory golf on May 1. Then, perhaps, a chocolate parfait would be just right.