OGA Takes Early Lead at 5th Annual PNGA Cup; WSGA Relying on Singles Matches

OGA Takes Early Lead at 5th Annual PNGA Cup; WSGA Relying on Singles Matches

Roslyn, Wash. (Thursday, May 6, 2010) – The Oregon Golf Association (OGA) got out to a commanding lead after the morning 4-ball matches of the 5th Annual PNGA Cup held at Tumble Creek Club in Roslyn, Wash. Heading into the afternoon 4-some matches OGA lead all teams with a total of 5 points followed by the Idaho Golf Association (IGA) and Golf British Columbia (BCGA) with 2 ½ total points. Washington State Golf Association trailed all teams with 2 points.

PNGA Cup is a Ryder-cup style contest featuring some of the most notable amateur golfers in the region. Each 12-member team from the BCGA, IGA, OGA, and WSGA consists of eight men and four women.

The representation includes four men mid-amateurs of 25 years of age or older, two men of 40 years or older, two senior men of 55 years or older, two women-mid-amateurs of 25 years or older and two senior women of 50 years or older. The format will be four-ball and foursome matches the first day and single matches on the second and final day. With three matches for each player, the championship will allow each competitor to compete against players from each of the other associations.

“Bringing the best players from each association around the Northwest has proved to be a very positive experience, it also continues new friendships and camaraderie amongst all the teams,” said Dr. Jack Lamey, the President of the PNGA and founder of this event.


Mid-Am Men

C. Sawyer/J. Dunlap (OGA) def. S. Harper/N. Bradley (BCGA) 5&3

D. Berg/M. Haack (WSGA) def. C. Doell/J. Dinn (BCGA) 1up

B. Winter/M. Newcombe (OGA) def. C. Reinke/L. Reed (IGA) 1up

J. Hibler/M. Dance (IGA) def. D. Whitaker/B. Bjorke (WSGA) 2&1

Master-40 Men

G. Bismeyer/S. Berry (BCGA) vs. D. Pickens/B. Wheeler (IGA) AS

B. Patton/R. Dimick (OGA) vs. T. Brandes/E. Hanson (WSGA) AS

Senior Men

C. Maletis/P. O’Donnell (OGA) def. N. Dancer/P. Lodge (IGA) 7&6

J. Gallacher/ G. Lindbjerg (BCGA) def. D. Potter/K. Brown (WSGA) 1up

Mid-Am Women

L. Tennant/L. McKay (OGA) def. K. Pultz/C. Spence (BCGA) 2 &1

K. Markle/K. Darrington (IGA) def. L. Folsom/D. Keiffer (WSGA) 3&2

Senior Women

L. Palahnuik/A. Murdoch (BCGA) def. J. Smith/S. Ianson (IGA) 2&1

C. Allen/A. Carr (WSGA) vs. P. Saenguraiporn/J. Edwards-Powell (OGA) AS

Totals:  BCGA – 2 ½ OGA – 5 WSGA – 2 IGA – 2 ½


Mid-Amateur Men

C. Doell/J. Dinn (BCGA) def. C. Reinke/L. Reed (IGA) 7&6

D. Berg/M. Haack (WSGA) def. J. Hibler/M. Dance (IGA) 4&3

D. Whitaker/B. Bjorke (WSGA) def. C. Sawyer/J. Dunlap (OGA) 2 up

B. Winter/M. Newcombe (OGA) def. S. Harper/N. Bradley (BCGA) 1up

Master-40 Men

B. Patton/R. Dimick (OGA) def. D. Pickens/B. Wheeler (IGA) 7&6

T. Brandes/E. Hanson (WSGA) def. G. Bismeyer/S. Berry (BCGA) 5&4

Senior Men

J. Gallacher/G. Lindbjerg (BCGA) def. N. Dancer/P. Lodge (IGA) 4&3

C. Maletis/P. O’Donnell (OGA) def. K. Brown/D. Potter (WSGA) 2up

Mid-Amateur Women

L. Tennant/L. McKay (OGA) vs. K. Markle/K. Darrington (IGA) AS

K. Pultz/C. Spence (BCGA) def. L. Folsom/D. Keiffer (WSGA) 2up

Senior Women

C. Allen/A. Carr (WSGA) def. J. Smith/S. Ianson (IGA) 1up

L. Palanuik/A. Murdoch (BCGA) def. P. Saenguraiporn/J. Edwards-Powell (OGA) 3&1

Foursome Totals: BCGA – 4 OGA – 3 ½ WSGA – 4 IGA – ½

Day 1 Totals: BCGA – 6 ½ OGA – 8 ½ WSGA – 6 IGA – 3