Swinging in the Rain

Essentials for Northwest winter golf

Okay you intrepid golfers, it’s that time of year to begin digging through the back half of the closet and start laying out your winter golf gear. Here are some essential items you will need to make your rounds in the Great Outdoors during the coming months more enjoyable.

  • All-weather gloves – One for each hand. They’re made to provide you with extra grip when it’s wet out; plus with the right material, will also keep your hands warm between shots.
  • Hand warmers – the joys of this cannot be overstated. Most pro shops have them but they also come by the boxful at your nearest sports or chain store.
  • Rain gear – jacket and pants (trust us on this.)
  • Layers, layers, layers – thermals, vests, etc. Choose materials that are thin, light and keep you warm and won’t affect your swing. Avoid cotton, which doesn’t wick moisture and will weigh you down when wet, not to mention chill you to the bone
  • Waterproof golf shoes paired with warm, wool socks. Use your summer winnings to invest in a good pair. You might even consider golf boots.
  • Warm hat (again, avoid cotton) or ear warmers – yep, uh huh
  • Mittens – easy to put on between shots
  • Golf umbrella
  • Spare towel – use it to keep your grips and your hands dry during a rainy round
  • Something warm in a thermos – make sure you have enough to last you through your round. More if you’re sharing.
  • Lastly, an extra set of dry clothes so you can comfortably enjoy the 19th hole and the drive home.

So get out there and start swinging in the rain. And remember, golf is always better with good friends, and is a good way to make good friends.

What’s on your winter essentials list that’s not on ours? Email [email protected]