Top Reasons to Post Your Scores and Get a Handicap

There are many good reasons to why you should post your scores An active and accurate handicap can make competing more fair and fun for everyone.

Top Reasons to Post Your Scores

Reason #1: Track Your Improvement

  • Playing regularly and actively posting your scores is a great way to be able to track your improvement. To see your scores trending downward is a great way to keep you motivated and reaffirm that your hard work is paying off.

Reason #2: Be Eligible to Play in Tournaments and Charity Golf Events

  • In order to compete in state championships or local charity golf events, or many other events, you must have an active handicap. Your handicap index provides the information tournament committees need to place you in the appropriate group so you’re competing with people of similar skill level.

Reason #3: Make it Fair

  • Maintaining an accurate handicap can help make sure the competition is fair, whether you are playing a casual game with friends or competing in your club championship. Your handicap can ensure that you are competing against people of your same skill level and keep the playing field level if you are competing against players with a variety of skill levels.

Reason #4: You Are Playing Better Than You Think

  • Your handicap is a great reminder that, while you might get frustrated with shooting 115, with a 40 handicap you are not too far off of your target score. You are playing a lot better than you think you are. Don’t get frustrated when you see your score. Instead, see how well you are playing compared to your handicap.

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