Transition – Taking the Range to the Course

Stacy Heaney is a full Member of both the PGA and LPGA.  She is presently a golf professional at Manito Golf & Country Club in Spokane, Wash.  Her prior experiences include Elyria Country Club in Ohio and Linwood Country Club in southern New Jersey, among others.  Her background includes playing on tour for several years, managing large Junior Clinics for the LPGA as well as teaching, tournament and golf operations.

Stacy’s mission is to bring the game of golf to all levels of players as an enjoyable and manageable experience. Stacy believes fun is what golf is all about! 

Transition –

Taking the Range to the Course

My motto is, “Practice with purpose and intent.”

Transitioning what you’ve learned on the practice range to the golf course is one of the most difficult tasks to perform in the golf game.  Begin on the range with your warm-up. Loosen the muscles and “find your swing” for the day. Awaken your senses and pay attention with emphasis on striking the ball solid.

Begin in the sand. Hit 10 balls, a few more if you wish, as this enhances tempo and feel.  Move to the range, beginning with the wedges, moving through the clubs to the metals and driver.  Finish with putting – because putting is so important do not skimp on time practicing on the green.

When practicing, always choose a target, just as when you are playing, paying attention to a target should be constant. Instead of hitting a large bucket of balls, hit one ball at a time. Initiate each shot by strongly focusing on your normal pre-shot routine. Try to feel your shot, watch the trajectory, and check your distance.  Get a sense of how your body has finished the swing. 

Visualization is also very important. Imagine the first hole, and play it on the range. Pull out the driver, hit, then choose your next target on the range as if your ball is in the middle of the fairway. Proceed to a fairway wood and then perhaps a wedge shot. By following this procedure you concentrate on every shot, one shot at a time.

Practice like you are playing!  This will be the most effective way to transition your “range” swing and practice to the golf course.