Troy Andrew takes helm of IAGA

At the annual conference of the International Association of Golf Administrators (IAGA), Troy Andrew was named the association’s new president for 2022. The conference was held this week at the Westin Stonebriar Resort in Frisco, on the outskirts of Dallas, Texas.

Troy has been on staff at the PNGA and Washington Golf since 1999, and has been a member of the IAGA for 20 years. He has served on the IAGA’s board of directors since 2016, and last year served as its vice president. His time as the IAGA president will be a one-year term.

Among the regional leaders attending this year’s IAGA conference were Barb Trammell (OGA CEO), Troy Andrew (CEO/executive director of the PNGA and Washington Golf), and Caleb Cox (IGA executive director). With the continued uncertainty regarding the restrictions in navigating the Canada/U.S. border, Kris Jonasson (CEO of British Columbia Golf) attended the conference virtually.

This adds to the number of roles Troy is already leading in the golf community. He also serves as the CEO/executive director of the PNGA, Washington Golf and The Home Course, as well as the executive director of the Pacific Coast Golf Association. His new role as president of the IAGA is evidence of the respect with which he is viewed by the national – and international – golf community.

In his acceptance speech at the conference, Troy recognized the camaraderie of those who serve within the golf industry. “In looking around this room, and in remembering all the friendships of the past, I’ve had so many mentors and so many friends who have made me a better administrator and a better partner,” he said. “I am fortunate to be able to stand here now and work alongside some really wonderful people in a great industry. I’m looking forward to the challenges and opportunities of 2022.”

Other Northwest golf administrators who have served as IAGA president are Kris Jonasson (2007), who is still the CEO of British Columbia Golf; and Barb Trammell (2017), still the CEO of the Oregon Golf Association. John Bodenhamer, the former PNGA and WA Golf CEO/executive director who is now the senior managing director of championships for the USGA, served as IAGA president in 2001.

The IAGA was formed in 1968, and serves as a medium for golf administrators to exchange information, techniques and other data relating to the game of golf and establish channels of communication among all of the world’s governing bodies.

Members of the IAGA are golf administrators of state and regional amateur golf associations and other national golf-related organizations. These administrators manage the affairs of their respective golf associations in various capacities. The IAGA has members from the United States Golf Association, Golf Canada, and most of the state and provincial golf associations throughout North America. Administrators from several other countries hold memberships as well. The IAGA holds its annual meeting each year in early November. Visit for more information