Volunteers of the Month of May, 2017: Bill Solomon & John Schroeder

The WSGA is happy to announce Bill Solomon & John Schroeder as the Volunteers of the Month for all their hard work throughout the months of April and May. Both Bill and John have put in long hours volunteering and officiating at WSGA championships and USGA qualifiers.

Solomon (L) and Schroeder (R) were key to the success of the May 18 U.S. Open Local Qualifier at Wine Valley GC

Bill Solomon

As a first year Volunteer and Rules Official for the WSGA, Bill has already made himself an increasingly valuable member of our volunteer team. He has volunteered for every round of every WSGA championship and USGA qualifier, totaling three times more days than any other volunteer so far this year. His enthusiasm for quality golf championships and desire to help in any capacity has him arriving to the course early before each round and leaving the course late after the last ball is holed. Although Bill is new to officiating for the WSGA, he has quickly shown a high-level knowledge of the rules and an exceptional ability to work with players as a starter on the first tee as well as conducting on-course rulings when needed. We are so happy to have someone like Bill on our team and we anticipate extending our appreciation for him for many years to come.

John Schroeder

John Schroeder’s commitment to game of golf is something that is difficult to ignore. Previously working as a Volunteer and Rules Official for the Hawaii State Golf Association, John began volunteering for the WSGA in 2012. John’s knowledge of the rules and experience as an official have made him an indispensable member of our volunteer family. His involvement in golf is not limited to his on course officiating of championships and qualifiers though, he also offers his time as a WSGA Board Member, a WSGA Club Representative for Kalispel Golf & Country Club and a member of the USGA Junior Amateur Committee. For our most recent event, the Men’s and Senior Men’s Best-Ball Championship, John coordinated all of the local volunteers that helped the WSGA bring online live scoring updates to all competitors and spectators, enhancing the experience for everyone. We cannot thank John enough for everything he has done for the WSGA, and we look forward to extending our gratitude for his efforts well into the future.