WA Golf Partners with PGD Global to bring Seattle Female Forum

Seattle Female Forum – July 12, 2021

Registration Now Open

The Seattle Female Forum is a 2021 Virtual Empowerment Experience gathering of influential women in the region’s golf community to share their personal experiences, professional advice and lead powerful conversations focused in and around business, golf and lifestyle.

This one-of-a-kind virtual experience and celebration is targeted towards women who want insight into their respective fields of interest.  With a special look into engaging and uplifting women in golf through Project Fairway and WA Golf, this targeted forum provides direct communication and candid conversations in and around business, golf and lifestyle. The Seattle Female Forum encourages women to explore their passions in a fun and interactive way. Hosted for women, by women, we invite you to join us on a virtual journey.

Sessions include:


Breakfast of Champions gathers professional golfers and athletes for a roundtable discussion that celebrates the beauty of the game. Grab a cup of coffee and start your morning with a deep dive into this dynamic golf and diversity panel. Featuring industry, business and professional golf leaders, this segment discusses the game of golf from a deeper perspective mixed with culture and lifestyle.


We invite you to a fabulous discussion with women who are thriving and sparkling in the golf business.  Get to know the unseen and outrageously strong females who are re-shaping and re-defining the way they are doing business.  Business can be done on and off the course (but the course is so much better!).


The evolution and revolution of golf fashion and media on and off-course is here, and we are just getting started.  Meet the leaders in their respective fields and hear what they have to say about this part of their industries.  Join us as we discover a new way to step on to the first tee and strut down the fairway.


The journey through the game is the beauty of the game.  Meet women who have traveled the path of passion through the game of golf and learn how they have found their love of the game through their good work.  Learn about opportunities that you can engage with to grow further into the golf industry with special guests who share intimate stories and experiences on how to take your talents all the way to the top.


The Queens of Golf & Lifestyle, Professional Golfers and Sisters, Nisha & Seema Sadekar welcome everyone to the game of golf and celebrate the new world that exists in the game. These ladies that make golf look luxurious sit down with amazing guests to discuss life, music, entertainment and a new level of golf conversation. Queens on the Green opens the world of golf to the masses and celebrates women’s empowerment, people, places, culture and life.

Complimentary registration now open.

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