WA Golf U on Course program keeps college students in the game

Since its launch in 2018, the WA Golf U on Course program has been a hit with the college student community, providing an exceptional opportunity to enjoy affordable golf at participating U on Course facilities. For an annual fee of $25, students can keep playing the game in a budget-friendly way with a U on Course membership.

The program offers green fee discounts at nearly 20 great courses across the state, catering specifically to college students and young adults aged 18-25. New courses have recently been added in Eastern Washington and North Idaho.

U on Course is committed to making golf more accessible and affordable for young adults, allowing them to keep playing the game while on a student budget. The program has been successful so far. In 2022, participation in the program grew by 22 percent over the previous year, with 2023 already seeing similar growth.

According to Torrin Westwood, WA Golf assistant director of club relations, “WA Golf UOC provides a fantastic opportunity for college-aged golfers to immerse themselves in the game. With discounted memberships and a range of golf-specific benefits, this U on Course program is the perfect avenue for golfers to establish their handicaps, engage in Association activities, and enjoy more golf on a student budget.”

All U on Course members also receive all other benefits of being a WA Golf member.

Westwood oversees the U on Course program from the perspective of participating facilities and the UOC club itself, ensuring a seamless experience for all members. As he explains, “My goal is to enhance the value of U on Course membership for our members and expand these exceptional benefits to a greater number of courses in our region.”

Audrey Orem, the coordinator of membership operations at WA Golf, also highlights the significance of WA Golf U on Course for college-aged golfers. “U on Course provides an incredible way for college-aged golfers to stay engaged with the game after high school,” she says. “UOC members not only gain access to exclusive rates and discounts at participating facilities, but they also enjoy the full range of Association benefits and countless playing opportunities.”

Orem’s role revolves around assisting WA Golf members in maximizing the value of their membership, ensuring a rewarding experience and providing support whenever issues or questions arise. As she emphasizes, “My objective is to make the member experience as effortless as possible and help them fully embrace the benefits that come with UOC membership.” For further information, please visit wagolf.org/uoc.

About Washington Golf:

Founded in 1922, WA Golf is a 501(c)(4) non-profit amateur golf association governed by dedicated men and women volunteers. With a mission to promote and grow the game of golf across Washington and Northern Idaho, WA Golf proudly serves over 85,000 individual members, spanning 550 member golf clubs and 270 golf courses. As a statewide representative of the United States Golf Association, WA Golf collaborates closely with allied associations in the golf industry to enhance the overall golfing experience. For further details, please visit wagolf.org.