Washington State Golf Association Selects Team for 9th Annual PNGA Cup

The Washington State Golf Association’s (WSGA) Championship Selection Committee has announced its 2014 team to represent the Association at the 9th PNGA Cup, to be held at The Home Course in DuPont, Wash. on May 8-9, 2014.

The men’s mid-amateur selections include Bjorn Bjorke of Port Orchard, the 2013 WSGA Men’s Mid-Amateur champion; Mike Haack of Bellevue, runner-up in last year’s Oregon Open and the 2013 WSGA Men’s Mid-Amateur Player of the Year; Ryan Earl of Fircrest, runner-up in the 2013 Washington State Amateur; and Tyler Matthews of Bellevue, who tied for second in last year’s Pacific Northwest Men’s Mid-Amateur. This is the first time Matthews and Earl have been selected to play in the PNGA Cup.


The men’s master-40 selections include Tom Brandes of Bellevue, who finished runner-up in last year’s British Senior Amateur on his way to being selected the 2013 WSGA Senior Men’s Player of the Year; and Erik Hanson of Kirkland, who was the runner-up in the 2013 Washington Open.

Representing the team in the senior men’s category are Keith Crimp of Ellensburg, who is the two-time defending champion of the WSGA Senior Men’s Champion of Champions; and Kent Brown of Colville, who was the qualifying medalist in the 2013 U.S. Mid-Amateur local qualifier.

Leslie Folsom of Tukwila will represent the team in the women’s mid-amateur category, being the two-time defending Washington State Women’s Mid-Amateur champion and two-time defending WSGA Women’s Mid-Amateur Player of the Year. Also in this category is Denise Kieffer of University Place, who was a semifinalist in last year’s Pacific Northwest Women’s Mid-Amateur.

In the senior women’s category are Yasue Alkins of Olympia, who tied for second in the 2013 Washington State Senior Women’s Amateur; and Ginny Burkey of Fircrest, who also tied for second in that championship.

The PNGA Cup was created in 2006 by past PNGA President Dr. Jack Lamey as a way of continuing the friendship and partnership of the region’s allied associations under the PNGA umbrella – British Columbia Golf, Idaho Golf Association, Oregon Golf Association and Washington State Golf Association. The annual competition consists of 48 of the finest amateur golfers in the region. Each association will send a 12-person team consisting of eight men and four women. The representation includes four mid-amateur men of 25 years of age or older, two men of 40 years or older, two senior men of 55 years or older, two mid-amateur women of 25 years or older and two senior women of 50 years or older.

The Home Course, #18

The Ryder Cup-style format includes four-ball and foursome matches the first day and singles matches on the second and final day. With three matches for each player, the championship allows each competitor to compete against players from each of the other associations.

British Columbia Golf will be attempting to defend its PNGA Cup title, having won last year on the second hole of a playoff against the team from the Washington State Golf Association, when the matches were held at Crane Creek Country Club in Boise, Idaho. British Columbia Golf also won the PNGA Cup in 2009.

For a complete roster of players competing in the 9th PNGA Cup, please click here. Results of the 9th PNGA Cup will be emailed daily. To follow along with live scoring, visit www.thepnga.org.

Washington State Golf Association
2014 PNGA Cup Team

Honorary Captain – Frank Horton

CEO/Executive Director – Troy Andrew

Yasue Alkins (2-4-0)

  • 2013 WSGA Senior Women’s Amateur-T2nd
  • 2013 TWGA Championship-Champion

Bjorn Bjorke (1-5-0)

  • 2013 WSGA Men’s Mid-Amateur-Champion
  • 2013 PNGA Men’s Amateur-Round of 32
  • 2013 PNGA Men’s Mid-Amateur-T7th
  • 2013 Hudson Cup Team Participant

Tom Brandes (13-4-7)

  • 2013 Senior British Open Amateur-Runner-up
  • 2013 PNGA Men’s Mid-Amateur-T4th
  • 2013 WSGA Men’s Mid-Amateur-Runner-up
  • 2013 PNGA Senior Men’s Amateur-Champion
  • 2013 WSGA Senior Men’s Amateur-Champion
  • 2013 Washington Senior Open-T7th
  • 2013 Senior Hudson Cup Team Participant
  • 2014 Arrowhead Head Game-Champion

Kent Brown (4-9-2)

  • 2013 Senior Masters-Top 5
  • 2013 USGA Mid-Amateur Qualifier-Qualifying Medalist
  • 2013 PNGA Men’s Master-40 Amateur-Round of 16
  • 2013 PNGA Senior Men’s Amateur-T9th
  • 2013 Hudson Cup Team Participant

Ginny Burkey (5-5-2)

  • 2013 WSGA Senior Women’s Amateur-T2nd

Keith Crimp (0-0-0)

  • 2013 Senior Oregon Open-T3rd
  • 2013 WSGA Senior Champion of Champions-Champion
  • 2013 PNGA Men’s Master-40 Amateur-Round of 16
  • 2013 Hudson Cup Team Participant

Ryan Earl (0-0-0)

  • 2013 WSGA Men’s Amateur-Runner-up
  • 2013 PNGA Men’s Mid-Amateur-T18th

Leslie Folsom (6-15-3)

  • 2013 WSGA Women’s Mid-Amateur-Champion
  • 2013 WSWGA State Championship-Champion
  • 2013 SWGA City Championship-Runner-up
  • 2013 WSGA Champion of Champions-Runner-up

Mike Haack (8-3-1)

  • 2013 Oregon Open-Runner-up
  • 2013 PNGA Men’s Mid-Amateur-Runner-up
  • 2013 WSGA Champion of Champions-Champion
  • 2013 WSGA Men’s Mid-Amateur-T3rd
  • 2013 Washington Open-T10th
  • 2013 WSGA Men’s Amateur-T11th
  • 2013 Snoqualmie Falls Best-Ball-Champion
  • 2013 Hudson Cup Team Participant

Erik Hanson (12-2-4)

  • 2013 Washington Open-Runner-up
  • 2013 PNGA Men’s Mid-Amateur-T4th
  • 2013 USGA Mid-Amateur Championship-Round of 32
  • 2013 PNGA Men’s Master-40 Amateur-Quarterfinalist
  • 2013 Seattle Amateur-T2nd
  • 2013 WSGA Men’s Mid-Amateur-T3rd
  • 2013 Hudson Cup Team Participant

Denise Keiffer (0-6-0)

  • 2013 PNGA Women’s Mid-Amateur-Semifinalist
  • 2013 WSWGA State Championship-Runner-up
  • 2013 PSWGA Championship-Champion
  • 2013 WSGA Women’s Champion of Champions-3rd
  • 2013 WSGA Women’s Mid-Amateur-4th

Tyler Matthews (0-0-0)

  • 2013 PNGA Men’s Mid-Amateur-T2nd
  • 2013 WSGA Men’s Amateur-T11th