Hit Crisper Irons

Robbie Hendrickson



Today’s tip is brought to you by Robbie Hendrickson, PGA Head Professional at Three Lakes Golf Club in Wenatchee, Wash. Robbie has been the Head Golf Professional at Three Lakes since 2008 after spending two years as the Assistant Professional at Desert Canyon. He graduated from the Golf Academy of San Diego in 2006. Robbie has studied under and taught golf schools with top female instructor Sheri Hayes.


Hit Crisper Irons

I am a firm believer in hitting “solid” golf shots, especially with the irons, and this comes from using leverage and good balance. It is not about swinging hard and fast, but about hitting the ball in the middle of the clubface. You may agree with me, but you may not know how to get there or how to work on it.

 First of all, start with your grip. Make sure you are gripping the club properly. Make sure the club is in your fingers. I have found that the majority of amateurs have a tendency to grip the club in the palm of their hand. If you were to throw a golf ball, you wouldn’t throw it from the palm of your hand would you? You should be able to support the club with your index finger and heel of your hand. This will not only help with your leverage on the club, but also help you release the club.

 You have probably heard that, in chipping, the handle or the grip must beat the club head to ball. This is also true in hitting crisp iron shots. No matter how big the swing is, whether it is a chip, pitch, or full swing, the club head cannot pass the hands if you want to hit solid consistent shots.

 It is football season, and while you are watching your favorite quarterback, notice how they transfer their weight when they throw. As the quarterback gets set to throw the ball his weight will move to his back foot and then into his lead foot as he releases his throw. The same goes for the golf swing and solid contact when hitting irons. All good ball strikers have strong finishes and finish on their lead foot.

 My favorite drill for weight transfer: Take your normal stance, take the club back to the top of your backswing and stop. From there, pick up your front foot and tap your toe, your weight will move to your back foot. Then swing to your follow through and then tap the trail foot. Notice how your weight moves from back to front. I would try this drill a few times without hitting a ball, and then try it with a ball.

 Being in control and swinging within yourself is crucial when hitting solid golf shots. The next time you go to the range, try hitting balls with your feet together – you will be amazed at how solid you hit. Believe me, if you over swing you will fall over. After a few shots, you can take your feet apart, but maintain the same balance and rhythm you had when hitting balls with feet together.

 Hope these tips and drills serve you well.

Robbie Hendrickson, PGA

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